Interactions with Teachers: Follow up on #TTOSICT 2018 Mentees

May 25, 2019 |
School Interaction Report

“Over the years, I have learnt that no student is dull – they  will always be good at something despite their poor grades. Sometimes, it could be a personal issue, sometimes it’s their learning environment, sometimes, they needed to be reminded that there is a shoulder they can lean on, Sometimes, they need a ladder they can use to climb to the rooftop, sometimes, they need the staircases laid for them to reach the top..In Other Words, a little push to a student could change their life completely – it worked for me, it will certainly work for others! we all need that one person to hold our hand and tell us we can make it despite the odds” Yine Yenki Nyika – Mentorship Director Following our #TTOSICT2018 competitions, participants who emerged with the best projects ideas implemented using Scratch Programming were awarded school fees as a prize to support…

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