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GOGIRLS-ICT Initiative is an Initiative in South Sudan which mentors women and Girls in ICT and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related fields. The Initiative focuses on three main areas: Engaging, Educating and Empowering the South Sudanese girl child who is the most marginalized in the South Sudanese Society. GOGIRLS-ICT Initiative follows a philosophy of ‘Chain Based Trainings (CBTs) with a focus on mentoring and creating independent, innovative and confident girls/women who can proudly compete with their male counterparts in the field of ICT. They are committed to invest within quality ICT professionals who are girls/women. Read more

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Tel: +211924115895

Email: Info@gogirlsict.org

Website: www.gogirlsict.org


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To educate, engage and empower youths especially girls in STEM based disciplines in South Sudan.

Our Vision

Engaging and empowering marginalized youths especially women and girls in south Sudan so that they have critical and creative thinking and they can skillfully use and interact with ICTs to create new possibilities and job opportunities.

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University of Juba

Faculty of Computing & Information technology

Juba-South Sudan


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Time-To-Shine ICT

The Time to shine ICT project #TTOSICT is a project designed to inspire youth most especially girls from primary and secondary schools to think critically, learn how to use technologies to design solutions to issues related to their community so instill the culture of creative thinking and hard work which lacks among many.

Girls in ICT Day

This event is the international ITU Girls in ICT day where Girls in ICT brings together various girls from primary, secondary and University to come and be part of a day where we showcase, discuss challenges hindering us from joining the field and the way forward, share experiences and also invite speakers from STEM fields to talk to them.

STEM Awareness

GoGirls ICT conducts awareness campaigns through reaching out to Women and girls working in the STEM professions and girls offering careers in STEM related fields to share their own experiences with the students in secondary schools and University most especially to encourage and inspire them to work hard. .

We Need Your Support

We need computers to carry out our training and mentorship programs. For support contact us at: +211 957 287 850 or email: info@gogirlsict.org

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Contact us at +211924115895

Our 3 Es

Educate , Engage and Empower

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