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May 6, 2023

Alex Albino Juma Mendiri

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    What do you want people to remember you for?

    I want to be remembered for helping the young people in my nation to reach their goals, for example, mentoring them, being a role model, and inspiring many.

    What inspired you to be part of the mentorship with the GoGirls ICT Initiative?

    What inspired me more when I first joined the program was the activities related to what I wanted to do in my career. Most interestingly, working to help the young girls in my community gives me more confidence and courage to participate fully in the initiative. Furthermore, the reception by the GoGirls made me have the heart to contribute to the young girls.

    What did you learn from the mentorship of the girls in primary and secondary school?

    What I learned during the mentorship I gained experience in how psychologically to identify the problems the girls might be facing, e.g., During class time, when I give questions, some of them have an idea but they doubt it, while others don’t have, so according to the experiences that I gained, I was able to identify from them who has the idea and who doesn’t have, etc.

    What memorable experiences do you have with the girls?

    The memorable experience I got with the girls was at the last event when they presented the project to their parents. It was brilliant, which gave everyone hope that they had gained some knowledge during their mentorship program.

    What next for you, or what are your aspirations?

    I want to be phenomenal in my career in this country.

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