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About Go-Girls

Is a Juba, South Sudan based non-profit initiative founded by a group of dedicated young women in the fields of Computer Science, Information Systems, ICT4D Innovation, hacktivism and peacebuilding. Founded in 2015, the Organization started with weekend workshops for girls at the college of computer science and Information Technology, University of Juba. The workshop topics…

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Interactions with Teachers: Follow up on #TTOSICT 2018 Mentees

School Interaction Report

“Over the years, I have learnt that no student is dull – they  will always be good at something despite their poor grades. Sometimes, it could be a personal issue, sometimes it’s their learning environment, sometimes, they needed to be reminded that there is a shoulder they can lean on, Sometimes, they need a ladder…

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Grace Isiah Adol: Mentor

The mentorship gave her encouragement to help the students in primary and secondary schools to build on their skills and get more knowledge. As a mentor,this is an opportunity to build her confidence, learn from others and also build on herskills set as a student.

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Bartholomew Majak: Mentor

His first motivation was the career building ideology that mentorship adds to his technological path by reminding him of the basic principles of programming and all its coding aspects. Secondly, his dream expectations for his communities in the next 10 to 20 years is that at least 51% should know the importance of STEM careers…

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Mandela Mario Yoma: Mentor

Working a mentor has always been one of his dreams as he can be able to inspire more young people, work with them, educate and  give them his own experience of know-how as they benefit from him as he is also benefiting from them in one way or another through giving guidance to someone. Doing…

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Lokudu James Simon: Mentor

He needs to share his story and the skills that he has achieved especially in his field of study in technology with his fellows who are still in primary and secondary school for them to pick interest in STEM(science technology engineering and mathematics) and that’s his motivation.

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Rana Najmaldin: Mentor

She wants to inspire the next generation to become motivated, confident and encourage them to continue with their education as a role model through engaging and guiding the young girls to the field of ICT. And she considers this as an opportunity for self-development

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Hadia sebit: Mentors Coordinator & Mentor

She was inspired to join GoGirls ICT initiative because of its mission and vision.She really wanted to be part of this cause by inspiring primary and secondary students to tell them how education is important and the only gateway to have a bright future and achieving more in life. She enjoys teaching and the idea…

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Manzu Gerald S., Kenyi: Mentor

He is motivated by having young men and women who have the zeal, will and hunger to learn about technology. This guarantees that the skills being shared shall help all of us realize the positive impacts of technology, in our societies. And inspired by the fact that anyone with an open mind can innovate just…

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Yine Beatrice Jale

Yine Beatrice Jale  Project Director Yine Beatrice Jale works as a Project Director at GoGirlsICT Initiative and assists the Executive Director in running programs and projects. She is currently managing the #TTOSICT project running at GoGirlsICT. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Nkumba University in Uganda and worked as a Teaching…

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