About this Project

Through our Time to Shine ICT #TTOSICT project, GoGirls ICT Initiative came up with a sponsorship scheme for the best performing mentees since 2017. This was deliberated upon after discovering that many school dropouts were as a result of lack of tuition to keep students in school as a result of many factors including poverty. And also many girls raised the issue of high fees for science courses and through this scheme, we believe we can be able to help make their dreams come true.

Selection Criteria

In order to qualify for this scheme:

  • A student should have participated in the #TTOSICT mentorship program running in their school.
  • A student should remain in her/his particular school unless joining another level.
  • The student should have completed their mini-projects and presented it to a panel of judges to be evaluated during the #TTOSICT competitions.
  • The student’s school should have emerged among the winners with the best ideas implemented or their group is the best in their school with the best ideas during the #TTOSICT competitions.
  • Some special exceptions are, student must be vulnerable and can not afford paying school fees. For this criteria the student does not necessarily emerge winner during the #TTOSICT competition but rather should be a participant
  • For Participants joining higher institutions of learning, he/she must be joining a public institution with South Sudan.

Monitoring Framework

  • We follow up with the schools on how the students were performing.
  • Schools provided a copy of termly performance report of the student(s) for those in primary and secondary while for higher institutions, results will be provided twice per year for each semester.
  • During the course of the term, one visit to each of the schools and a conservation with their teacher.
  • One on one conservations with each participant every end of the term and psychosocial support.
  • And in cases of poor performance by the student, in that very school with the help of the focal teacher, we have also set up a counselling session for such students to find out what could be the problem.

GoGirls Teachers Interaction

“Over the years, I have learnt that no student is dull - they  will always be good at something despite their poor grades. Sometimes, it could be a personal issue, sometimes it’s their learning environment, sometimes, they needed to be reminded that there is a shoulder they can lean on, Sometimes, they need a ladder they can use to climb to the rooftop, sometimes, they need the staircases laid for them to reach the top..In Other Words, a little push to a student could change their life completely - it worked for me, it will certainly work for others! we all need that one person to hold our hand and tell us we can make it despite the odds” Yine Yenki Nyika.

Following our #TTOSICT2018 competitions, participants who emerged with the best projects ideas implemented and presented to a panel of judges for evaluation are awarded school fees for one year to support and encourage them in school. With 36 students supported through our school fees scheme for one year while the other 4 awaits joining Higher institutions of learning, our team visited each of the 15 schools and interacted with  18 teachers to find out how they were doing, performing and for the new students how they were adapting to the new environment or classes.

This visit was to help us understand further some of the challenges hindering the performance of the various students through their teachers and how best we can support  or encourage the students, teachers and identify some of the problems in their vicinity which we could address to support conducive learning for all.

Schools Interaction Feedback

School Interaction Report

Our day started with the visit to our first school at 12:30 PM  - Atlabara West Basic School to have a meeting with Jane Juru David, Contact person 2019.

Dalia Wani who is in Primary Eight this year is a beneficiary of our school fees scheme and this is how their contact person had to say.

“I am impressed with the program. Although Late John Wassey was the one closely following up on the program since 2016,the students mentored by you have shown a great change in behavior and their performance greatly improved for the past three years”.

I expect the number of students to increase this year.

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