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May 6, 2023

Gaso Grace Pascal

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 Who are you? (Here, what do you want people to remember you for? Your name and the course you are doing, and a personal slogan)

   My name is Gaso Grace Pascal. A year one student at Starford International University/ College doing Computer Science. My slogan is everything happens for a reason.

 What inspired you to be part of the mentorship with GoGirls ICT Initiative?

 Learning advanced computer skills such as scratch programming inspired me to work with GoGirls ICT Initiative

 What did you learn from the mentorship of the girls in Primary and secondary school?

 I learned that problems within our society, we as community members can find solutions to them ourselves other than waiting for the government, e.g. if the roads in my area (Rock City) have many pole holes, we as members of the area can put soil in them to level the ground.

What memorable experiences do you have of the girls, or what excited you about the girls?

 The most memorable experience I have had with the girls is how they came up with the storyboard materials for the murder crime scene using the things within their environment, which showed their creativity and skill.

 What next for you, or what are your aspirations?

What is next for me is to complete my school and keep attending educative and life-changing workshops to uplift the citizens of South Sudan to make our country a better place.

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