GoGirls ICT Initiative




This project is about hate speech mitigation both online and offline. Running a series of monthly workshops where we create debates on how girls and boys can afford being online, what they post, where they get the resources to pay for internet connectivity, more discussions around the issue of connectivity and have conversations with school going girls and University students around several topics like digital safety for girls and how to identify fake news; and also contributed to the compilation of the #defyhatenow field guide (https://defyhatenow.org/social-media-hate-speech-mitigation-field-guide/)

To mitigate hate speech, we also included a component of conflict mitigation where we use scenarios, circumstances and incidents for students to learn, discuss and find way forward in case one is caught in conflicting situations in their respective areas.

This project was supported by a German-based international NGO, r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation, funded by IfA via the German Federal Foreign Office.

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